Code of Conduct

Evergreen is a tight-knit, local community. We want it to be more like a friendly neighborhood than an anonymous online website. With that in mind:

We expect everyone to refrain from posting:

  • Information about, or content that encourages, riding or building illegal trails, or actions that go against known land manager policies. We believe in riding legal trails only.
  • Anything that is not appropriate for an all-ages audience.
  • Anything that shows blatant disrespect of other people.
  • Material taken from elsewhere without permission.
  • Commercial content that has not been approved in writing by Evergreen staff.
  • Political discussions not relevant to mountain biking.

We do expect the following:

  • For leading rides, events and work parties your real name must be posted – first name and last initial is acceptable.
  • Your real name must be registered and visible to Evergreen staff.
  • To enhance the sense of community, we strongly encourage users to use their real names, or first name and last initial, in their web profiles.
  • Everything you submit should be your own work – Please don’t copy information from other mountain biking websites or from guide books. If copyrighted information is found, it’ll just be deleted.
  • Evergreen reserves the right to use any submitted text or images in other ways online and in our marketing materials. Please include your name so we can attribute your work to you.
  • Be nice

Evergreen reserves the right to remove or edit content that violates any of these policies or can be construed as offensive or counterproductive to the goal of greater mountain bike access. Normally we’ll try to contact the individuals involved when we do so, but if you don’t play nice, we may not feel inspired to either.

If you have any questions about the above policies, please contact us.