February 2022 Board Meeting Summary

Submitted on Tue, 03/08/2022 - 14:14

Monthly board meeting of the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance Central Chapter held February 16th, 2022. Meeting held at the TREAD office in Wenatchee at 6:30 pm. Officers in attendance, Tony Hickok (President), Julie Ellington  (Treasurer), Heather Wendeborn (Secretary). Board Members in attendance, Mike Brawley,  Dave Dunnell, Scott Paton, Steven Ladish, David Mabee, and Tony Feeney. Other guests, Mic  McLane, Kate Bonnett, Ian Woodford, Ray Birks, Kevin Hall, and Nathan Goodard.  

Kids Bike Race - Saturday, June 25, 2022: Race for children from strider age to 12 at  Squilchuck. Volunteers needed for race day. We will try recruiting kids from the Icicle Bicycle  program. The fundraiser committee’s goal is to raise $2,000 for the race.  

Non-Profit Day - Saturday, April 9, 2022: More details to come. Steven L. and membership  committee will head up the event.  

Central Chapter Spring Fundraiser - March 11, 2022 - March 31, 2022: Our goal for the 2022  spring campaign is to raise $10,000 for Number 2 Canyon.  

Central Chapter Annual Membership Meeting - Wednesday, March 16, 2022: Discussion on  different platforms, their functionality and keeping viewer engagement. Tony H. will facilitate the  event, David M. has been asked to monitor the comment section, and Julie E. will be asked to  run the slideshow.  

Sage Fest - Date April 16th.

Apple Blossom Festival Youth and Grand Parades - Saturday, April 30, 2022 and Saturday,  May 7, 2022: The chapter is registered for the Grande Parade, Steven will register the chapter  for the youth parade. Have a lead for the Grand Parade, need lead for the youth parade.  

Bike and Brew - Suggested it be postponed another year. Interest in a poker run.  

Education Committee has created a 5 year plan to present to the trailer sponsor,  CrunchPak, in an effort to sign an additional 3 year sponsorship as well as to include in the  chapters annual report. Kids summer camps are live. Adult clinics will go live mid-March.  Headquarter, Kristen McCune is planning statewide training for Friday, May 20, 2022 - Sunday, May 22, 2022 at Squilchuck. Kids jersey contest brought in 15 designs to be voted on by the  public via social media.  

Fundraising Committee will continue to pursue the smaller sponsors for the trailer. The  group will continue to build on the fundraising lead/contacts spreadsheet and start reaching out  those listed.  

Membership Committee - As of 1/31/2022, Central Chapter has 816 memberships, approximately 72% are family  memberships. In the future, the groups goal is to gather more specific data to the chapter and  track it efficiently. The Central Membership survey has been put on hold. Headquarters in  preparing to release a thorough statewide survey. Business cards with QR codes for donations  and memberships are ready and have been distributed to board members. Basic analytics are  attached to the QR codes to track how they are used.  

Trails Committee gave updates on trails. There has been no trail grooming at Squilchuck  due to no snow and warm temperatures. People have been asked to stay off Magic Carpet and  Fluid at Ski Hill in Leavenworth. The N.U.T. trail is open. The build and maintenance season is  planned at Number 2 Canyon. Road improvement funding has been secured. As a reminder,  there will be a lot of prep work happening at Number 2, this however, is not the road  maintenance project. The group will be focusing on Trail 6, DH trails and Trails 23. For more  detailed information or to join the committee please contact Al Murphy. Quincy pump track build  starts in March 2022. The City of Wenatchee has hired a general contractor to direct the Lincoln  Park renovation. Hoping for a June start date for the pump track build, must be completed by  November 2022. Central Chapter plans on providing a bid to perform the build. Fish and Wildlife  are working on plans for trails in the Ancient Lakes area, TREAD will keep Evergreen updated  on future potential in the area. The N.U.T. trail extension in Leavenworth has been funded. Tony  is in contact with Ivonne at HQ and the Forest service to get the ball rolling on the BackCountry  Trail Maintenance Grant. This will allow Evergreen to hire a trail builder, unsure what area the  builder will be working on.  

Marketing/Newsletter will be combined for the month of February and March, plan to  have published by March 1. To be included in the newsletter: Event dates, such as Spring  Fundraiser, 3/11/22 - 3/31/22; Ian has specific graphics to be used. Annual Central Chapter  Membership meeting being held virtually 3/16/22. Kids jersey contest results TBD. New board  members will be highlighted. The Project Manager position will be mentioned. Other items to  address in the newsletter include: Youth dirt camps are live, adult clinics will be released mid March, mention Sage Fest - date TBD, dates trails will reopen, and trail advocacy/education  pertaining to why riders should stay off the trails and when it's ok to ride. 

During round table discussion it was mentioned that the Central Chapter has a local mailbox in Wenatchee, the address is listed on the Central Chapter website. Donations can be mailed to this address. David Mabee is brainstorming social media content; has some ideas to  highlight board members. Tony Feeney will be asking the Icicle Bicycle group for volunteers  during the kids race in June. The question of how the Central Chapter could use Venmo for  donations was addressed. As a group we need to propose the idea to HQ. Keep in mind rules  have changed for businesses, not sure how this would affect nonprofits.