Funds successfully raised for No. Canyon Road improvement project!

Submitted on Thu, 09/07/2023 - 11:52

Thanks to a partnership with the Community Foundation of North Central Washington, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance has successfully raised the $37,338 dollar cash match requirement for the No. 2 Canyon Road Improvement project! The remainder amount of nearly $400,000 is being funded by a grant from the WA Federal Lands Access Program.

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance would like to thank everyone that contributed, and specifically the following donors that made a significant contribution to help make this project possible and demonstrated an investment in the betterment of our outdoor recreation community:

  • Northern Fruit Company
  • The Terry Sorom Family
  • Suzanne Sorom
  • Abe & Denise Sorom
  • Jeb & Galen Sorom
  • Susan and Peter Valaas
  • Rachel Clement and Tucker Jackson
  • Larry and Charlene Woodward
  • Eliot Scull
  • Gary & Cathy Backlund
  • Frank Harris
  • North 40 Productions

Just a reminder, the No. 2 Canyon road will be closed from milepost 4.35-4.97 starting September 18th for 25 work days while the road is improved.

If you’d like to support the efforts of Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, you can donate today by visiting