Devils Gulch Area

The Devil's Gulch area is a mountain bikers dream.  Devil's Gulch is a classic long single track trail that can be shuttled to create a ride that is almost 100% downhill. Tronsen Ridge is loose rocky and technical.  Combine Red Devil, Red Hill, and Red Hill Spur to create a great after work loop. 

Title Difficulty Distance High Point Low Point
Beehive Trail Beginner 3.0 miles 5,000 feet 4,300 feet
Devils Gulch Trail Intermediate 12.0 miles 5,000 feet 1,800 feet
Devils Spur Intermediate 2.1 miles 4,700 feet 4,300 feet
Mission Ridge Trail Advanced 11.0 miles 5,700 feet 1,800 feet
Mount Lillian Intermediate 1.7 miles 6,100 feet 5,518 feet
Pipeline Trail Beginner 3.6 miles 4,970 feet 4,580 feet
Red Devil Intermediate 6.2 miles 2,400 feet 1,700 feet
Red Hill Intermediate 8.0 miles 4,700 feet 1,700 feet
Red Hill Spur Intermediate 3.8 miles 3,400 feet 2,000 feet
Tronsen Meadow Advanced 1.5 miles 5,500 feet 4,300 feet
Tronsen Ridge Advanced 9.0 miles 5,800 feet 4,200 feet
Date Status Condition Description
Nov 27, 2018
Jul 09, 2018
May 17, 2018
Mar 22, 2018
Jan 28, 2018

Lower Devils Gulch Trailhead
The Devils Gulch Trailhead located 10 miles South of Cashmere on Mission Creek Road #7100 and is the lower trailhead for most trails in this area. 

Upper Devils Gulch Trailhead
Upper Devils Gulch Trailhead located on the Liberty-Beehive  Road #9712, 4 miles from Beehive Reservoir. 

Devils Spur Trailhead
This trail begins on Mission Ridge Road just before the Mission Ridge Ski Area at the sharp left hand corner by the big rock and ends at the Beehive Trail #1202 where it crosses the Liberty-Beehive Road #9712.

Pipeline Trail Trailhead
From Wenatchee, head south on Mission Street which becomes Squilchuck Road. Follow this road for 13 miles until you reach the Mission Ridge Ski Area.