As a small nonprofit, we have very few paid employees. That means that much of the work we do is done by volunteers. We are always looking for people to help us out in a wide variety of capacities both in the office and on the trails. Some of our volunteer work is event based and some is ongoing.

If you work for a larger company like Microsoft or Starbucks, check with your HR Department for information on their volunteer hours matching program.

A few of the ways you can donate your time to Evergreen is by joining us for our trail work parties or with administrative tasks such as event staffing and planning. Get in touch!

Upcoming Trail Work Parties

Meeting Location: Horse Lake Trailhead

Building off the success and effectiveness of Evergreen's work-party weekend that has maintained Devil's Gulch and the Mission Ridge Trail for the past several years, Evergreen and CDLT are partnering for a one day work party to maintain trail, break new trail, and ride in the Sage Hills before finishing the day with a BBQ at the Horse Lake Trailhead.  If you ride sage, you should come out