Squilchuck State Park


Squilchuck State Park sits close to the heart of Wenatchee, Washington as a state park with a long history of outdoor recreation (that was once as a small ski resort). After nearly being mothballed in 2009, Squilchuck has returned as a thriving recreation area thanks to a growing partnership between Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance’s Central Chapter and Washington State Parks. As a central hub to Wenatchee-area riding, Squilchuck Park now provides riding adventures for the whole family.

With the Phase I completion of 3+ miles of beginner and intermediate trails built in a stacked loop formation, Squilchuck State Park also boasts a robust skills area with a progressive design, 2’ jumps, 7’ table tops, a classroom area, practice rock gardens, and dual slalom (trails) pump track, with plans to build advance to expert jump lines to complete the skills park.


Trail Map PDF File
Trail Condition

Trails are running great! Avoid riding very wet trails, if you are leaving a deep track turn around and find a different activity