Freund Canyon

8.5 miles
High Point
2,970 feet
Low Point
1,401 feet

This trail has a directional up and down hill. Spectacular, but rigorous 8 mile loop with 1780 vertical gain per lap. Each lap has four creek crossings, challenging single track climb, and a RAD “flow” trail with massive wall rides and berms for the ride down throughout the most spectacular scenery.

From Highway 2 turn onto Chumstick highway (this is a left turn if you are coming from Stevens Pass, right if you are coming from Blewett Pass/Wenatchee). Turn left onto Freund Canyon road (about 1-1.5 miles out Chumstick highway, if you go under the railroad track you have gone too far). Parking is on the left hand side of the road.

You can also ride Fruend Canyon from the Leavenworth Ski Hill parking lot. From the Ski Hill parking lot ride 4 the Boyz trail till it reaches the Fruend Canyon Trail.  From here turn right and ride the lower section of Fruend Canyon till you reach the Fruend Canyon road. Turn left on the road and continue to climb to the top of the Fruend Canyon trail.  On the descent be sure not to pass the 4 the Boyz trail for your ride back to Leavenworth Ski Hill

Current Conditions
Date Status Condition Description
Nov 27, 2018
Snow Covered Winter has arrived, bike season is winding down and we know people are still itching to get out hiking and riding bikes, but please stay off trails that are snow covered or wet. Using wet trails in Central Washington create a lot of damage to our trails.